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I have owed my 2nd hand Outlander for four months during which I have had solar cells installed on the house along with a 9.5Kwhr battery. I was just reckoning up costs . I think that at current petrol and electricity charges, the car costs about the same to run on electric as it does to run on petrol ( assuming I homecharge)...electricity is marginally cheaper than the cheapest available petrol refuel. Charging the car off the solar panels or storage battery is where it reduces costs. The car has been returning a real 25miles on a single charge and my return trip to work is 30 miles. Style, type of roads, congestion are some of the many variables with affect any sort of eco calcs but overall, the car is a winner.
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I just managed to obtain well over 100MPG out of the car through careful use and solar charging. The smaller PHEV battery is actually an advantage over the likes of the all electric cars in that I can totally utilise the battery potential on most journeys and also recharge the car utilising harvested solar energy . Driving the outlander is a pleasure. On a 200 mile journey it returns just over 52 mpg which is more than I had expected. I have never bothered with public charging points. Are they cost effective?
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