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This is the 4 time my transmisson has been rebuilt. i have had it rebuilt by 3 different people and when i get a newer car i want to fix it up 2. i really need a new transmissions i would love padal shifters a.k.a.( tiptronic, sport tronic transmission) but i heard out of all the mitsu trany's the evo trany was the best.

I am assumming that you have a VR4 because you are asking about an AWD tranny.

What EVO year are you talking about?

The later ones are backwards and will not work. The motor is facing the wrong direction.

The other EVO years (early) are all seven bolt units.

The best thing to do is have your stock VR4 tranny rebiult by a real shop like Shep and have it double sycroed and other trick mods to the rails and forks to make it really tuff.

You need to be more detailed on what you have and what you want to go to.
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