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Ok let me start by saying I’ve been through countless forums investing multiple know issues for these cars trying to resolve this issue before making a post.
I bought a 2009 Lancer ES 2.0 NA 5 speed a week ago knowing it had a no crank no start issue. The guy I bought it from put a new battery in it, new starter, new intake manifold, air box, whole engine wiring harness and then gave up.
It did not have any clutch pressure when I bought it so I replaced the clutch master and bled the system to get pressure back. Still wouldn’t crank. I swapped the starter relay with the injector relay, disconnected the clutch safety, jumpered the clutch safety, tested for voltage drop on the battery, took the plastic cover off the steering column and pulled the ignition off to hold the wiring harness tight and try to start it, replaced the ignition switch, had the starter tested off the car. Still no luck. Oh and I’ve had all the grounds off and cleaned.
If anyone has any ideas on what to test next or possibly something I’ve missed or overlooked I would appreciate it.
Also I’m new here, first post, check the user name ?
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