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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer GTD
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My son (15) worked all last summer to save up for his first car. We found a 2009 Mits Lancer GTS for a great deal and he ended up buying it with the intention of a project to work on for the next year u til he was able to get his permit/license.
The vehicle isn’t without issue, hence the “project”.
-The vehicle runs, but has some error indicators showing.
-The previous owner advised it likely needed an alternator since it wasn’t keeping battery charged.
-New battery, vehicle runs for test drive.
-We installed the new alternator, Mits didn’t plan the engine by as a spacial area.
-Discovered multiple recalls needed and are brining it to dealership to take care of recalls before we move forward with other repairs.

*Any tips or insight is always appreciated as he gets his feet moving with this.
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