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Anyone knows the cause of a flat spot on my dad's work horse mn 2010 model 4d56 diesel turbo single cab 4x4 ute.

Dad bought this brand new Ute in 2010. Plenty torque for towing wheat. Hay bales. Sheep on trailer. Very good fuel consumption. Been reliable for 10 years.

Got flat spot while driving it. Prob happens once/twice every drive. Doesn't matter if engine cold/warm. Short or long distance. Summer or anything.

Took back to Mitsubishi dealer. Scanner on ECU. Nothing comes up.

Took to a different Mitsubishi garage with mechanics, that service all Mitsubishi models all their life.
They couldn't work out the issue either.
Says to wait until a dash light comes up or something breaks down then may know the issue.
Nothing has happened and flat spot still occurs.

Dad tighten all turbo pipes.

Disconnected battery due to manufacture book to reset the ECU.
Nothing changed.

Anyone else has this issue?

Please let me know and I'll tell dad.

Appreciate it. 🤓🤓
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