2004 Endeavor LS-AWD

205,505 Miles

$700 OBO.

Send PM if interested.

Will have to be hauled away.

This was a daily driver until the transmission went out back in June. Of course with its age and mileage, it had some problems. But overall it has been a very reliable car. My wife had this vehicle before we married and it had around 65,000 when she got it.

Would be beneficial to someone who either has a need for a Mitsubishi 3.6l V6, or someone who has an Endeavor on the road and can use the parts to keep it there, or someone who could rebuild the transmission their self.

The worst:

The transmission is gone. It is throwing check engine code P0734 (incorrect 4th gear ratio). It went from running good to won't move almost overnight. The last couple trips it had substantial flair out when shifting and would not take off on a hill.

The good:

The engine is solid. Used less than 1 quart of oil between 5k mile oil changes.

Basically new water pump, timing kit and alternator. Alternator went out at the same time a water leak developed. Local mechanic replaced it all in February 2021 around 202k miles (so only about 3,000 miles ago).

Cloth interior is good. No tears on any seats.

Uniroyal Laredo tires with good tread.

The bad:

A/C has a refrigerant leak. I've been having to recharge it every month or two. I think the hoses need to be replaced. The compressor does work, though, and it cools good if it has enough refrigerant.
None of the door windows and power locks work. I think the fix for this is to remove the driver's door wiring harness and repair wires (including the ground) that have been worn into by the door opening and closing. This is a common issue with these vehicles.

The A/C fan started making noise the same day the transmission went out. Bearings are probably gone and fan needs to be replaced.

The drive shaft makes the whining noise that is also common with these vehicles.

All four struts are worn out.

May have a parasitic battery drain, or a weak battery. I never noticed this when I drove it regularly, but if I charge the battery will start today, but not after sitting for a week or so.