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So pretty much as it reads, (in a long story shortened)
Sister's (and my prior lancer) got hit the other day and now needs repaired. In this repair process there's a lancer my dad and I have found that would be 1. A perfect donor as it has a clean body and 2. Possibly even a car that could be put back on the road with an R title (only pieces sister's car needs is the doors which would be swapped out).

Now the downside...
This donor has a stalled engine which we would have to look into deeper (whether it's the belt tens that's under recall, or if it jumped timing or if it's the fuel pump. Kinda trying to get everything all together worst case scenario)

Now I do know the 4B11 and 4b12 are extremely similar (coming from the same block with a few small differences) And I know performance wise you can upgrade your fuel pump so ... Would the fuel pump off of a 2010 2.4 (4b12) eclipse work for a 2010 2.0(4b11) lancer ? In theory they look almost identical and should match up (just the electrical pump itself) but was wondering if anyone actually knew for sure if it'd work or not considering the 2.0 costs about 370$ vs around 150$ for the 2.4 version
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