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Hi everyone, I am new to the group and hope someone can help. I have a 2005 Galant ES and the cruise control does not work; it didn't work when I bought it so I have no idea of its prior history. I did a little checking with the limited information I could find in a Hayne's manual. My first thought was the clockspring so I removed the steering wheel. The clockspring is loose, by that I mean, it doesn't have the usual tension that it is supposed to have. Thinking I had found the problem, I removed it and did some continuity checks across the incoming and outgoing terminals and everything seems to be fine.

So I went back to the harness where it plugs into the clockspring and found no current on any of the wires going to the cruise control or the air bag. The SRS light is on in the dash, and there is a SRS trouble code that says low voltage to SRS (or similar, I don't remember the actual words) so I think I am looking in the right place.

I was wondering if anyone had a wiring schematic they could share. I would think there would be a fuse that controls power to the SRS and possibly the cruise control on the same circuit, but the wiring harness in the Haynes manual is minimal at best and the fuses shown don't match up with what is in the car. The owners manual does not show any fuse designated for the SRS and/or cruise control either, and neither do the fuse covers in the passenger compartment or under the hood.

If I can find out why there is no power getting there, I can finish diagnosing the problem, or it may even begin to work. I even thought perhaps power was supplied to the cruise control by the controller, but it seems odd that there is also no power coming up to the air bag which leads me to believe the problems are connected to each other.

Any ideas or suggestions?
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