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Hello everyone, hope you are all well and safe.
I drive a 2004 Pajero that's clocked 321000 KMS so far. The ride is smooth and quiet except for one small problem.

I hear a rough grinding noise that literally vibrates the whole car when my steering is slightly deflected in either direction at very low speeds. Say for instance I am parking my car and that requires maneuvering around quite a bit. When I do that, I can hear the grindings. This happens especially after a long drive or a high speed drive. I live in the UAE and the road I drive back from work allows for a speed of 140km/h. After driving at 140 for quite some time and getting to my parking, I hear the grindings when turning the steering in either direction. The noise doesn't come up when the steering is straight.

Also I feel the grinding noise is especially prominent if the car has been driving around for quite some time.

What is important to note is that the sound is audible and can be felt only if the steering is turned AND I step on the accelerator. Merely turning the steering in either direction doesn't cause the noise.

I feel the speed and distance has something to do with it. If I were to drive it a kilometer early morning at a low speed, I wouldnt hear the sound very noticeably.

Hope I am making enough sense for someone on here to help. Apologies
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