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Morning All,

I recently had a suspected blow head gasket on my X Reg Shogun Sport. The main symptoms were bubbles in the expansion tank, white smoke and she necked the coolant. There was never a loss of power. I only noticed the problem as when I stopped for a piss I could hear bubbling from the bonnet.
She didn’t overheat and when I removed the old gasket it didn’t look broken. So for this reason i thought I’d chance it and never bothered getting the head skimmed.

However, upon reassembly, the bubbles in the expansion tank are back, there is intermittent white smoke and the cab heater blows hot and cold. I’ve test driven, got her up to temperature (cruised some A roads for an hour) and there is no loss of power, still no overheating and it doesn’t seem to be drinking coolant. I’ve tried a bottle of K-Seal and this hasn’t really made a difference.

I am suspecting either a warped head or a crack in the block however I am at a bit of a dead end with my limited knowledge.

Could anyone give me their opinion on the matter? Is a damaged block or head worth getting fixed? Is an engine replacement cheaper? Or is it just a case of trying the head gasket again and doing a better job?
I’m just trying to weigh up my options for my next move. I’m holding off putting a match in her just yet!

Appreciate your thoughts!


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