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2001 Mitsubishi Challenger PA, 3.0 litre V6 Automatic SUV
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Hi everyone, just a quick shout out to everyone since I decided to join this forum

About me

A challenging girl who some guys might find it hard to keep up with.

My space shuttle...

0 Space Shuttle-1.jpg

My passions in life...
I grew up in the bush and live for the great outdoors and taking in all that mother nature has to offer. So I love photography, going off-road, 4 wheel driving, camping, exploring, gold prospecting, swimming, fishing, archery, bow hunting and living off the land. I also spent some time serving in the Australian Army.

Work history with Mitsubishi Motors
I've also got some history working in spare parts for Mitsubishi dealership in North Queensland, so I also carry out most of my own vehicle maintenance and repairs myself. Some people might think I look prettier covered in grease. :p

Favourite Vehicle
My favourite Mitsubishi is my 2001 Challenger (Montero USA) PA, 3.0 litre V6 Automatic SUV which is the second one I've owned. I'm finding out that Challengers not that hard to work on when you learn a few 'tricks of the trade'.

I even stripped down my last Challenger because the tyre kickers didn't want to give me what I wanted for it, it was worth far more to me in spares for my new vehicle. I also enhanced my knowledge of these models in the process.

Availability of spare parts
Many parts for the Challengers are interchangeable with other models which is essential if you break down in remote locations where there might be an old wreck or two laying around and you are in need of spare parts.

Better handling
The lower roof and the lower centre of gravity is another reason I prefer the Challenger over the Pajero. I find make them a much better handling vehicle on winding roads, and with the roof rack and gear loaded on top I'm not always having to worry about bashing into trees or any other overhanging obstacles.
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