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2019 Outlander ES 2.4 CVT
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Hello everyone,

After driving a 1998 Mirage ES 1.5 5MT in high school and college, I decided to get a new Outlander in 2019. We don't need 7 seats 99% of the time, so the 5+2 SUV is perfect for us. What really sold me is the proven reliability of the engine, low curb weight, high payload & cargo capacity, and high fuel economy. It's been great so far, front seats are very ergonomic for long drives, 2nd and 3rd rows fold pretty much flat for cargo, towing is adequate for our needs. We recently moved from South Louisiana to Northwest Washington (shipped most of our belongings) and made the drive in the Outlander, it went better than expected. I installed slightly oversized Nokian WRG4 tires (225/60R18) just before the trip since there was a chance of snow through the mountain passes, we did get snow through Snoqualmie so I put chains on and didn't have any issues. It's been snowing in town this week but I haven't bothered with the chains. It's just a great little wagon.
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