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Hi all Lancer experts,

I'm a newbie in this forum and wondering if you experts can help me out here please.

My regularly serviced and perfectly good running 2003 Lancer ES (about 58,000km) has just been serviced last week and the engine warning light came on today. Similar thing happened last winter and when my mechanic pluged in the computer, he said it could be the oxygen sensor and just turn it off for me and told me to return if it came back on. Then a few weeks later it did come on again. Interestingly, before I could get an appointment with my mechanic, it went off after about 2 weeks and stayed off till today.

Since the light came on during last winter in very similar winter condition with snow and ice, could this be a malfunction of the oxygen sensor due to cold weather or are they unrelated?

Any advice would be most appreciated. Many thanks in advance!!
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