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I joined with high expectations of engaging with fellow Mitsubishi owners, tapping into years of experience from people that are hands on.

It would be great if I was wrong but ..... as a Q&A forum there seems to be a hell of lot more Q's than A's

Some of the Q's need to be addressed as being way beyond the "Just having a go" mind set, there is no scope for error when it comes to safety systems.

Stuff like this fills me with dread 2004 Lancer ES: Have you ever seen this (see photo)...
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive exterior Gas Auto part

There are warnings for new members to be nice to each other, no mocking and the like but here you have somebody tinkering with a safety critical system by ramming wires into the fuse box.
Without the crash sensors in the chassis these airbags will not deploy or they may deploy when the cave man wiring in the picture causes the air bags to fire.
Do you really want to decapitate your passenger as they get something out of the glovebox?

A wrongly timed airbag deployment can be fatal.

I'm happy to pitch in to answer questions for a few weeks but there are an awful lot of one post members on here.
They didn't get an answer, this needs to change.
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