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From overlander to Underlander. I took the plunge, literally. From +40mm to - 40mm.

I have kept the big fat all terrain tires and made it all fit snuggly under the arches with the help of my previously installed camber arms and bolts.

I went with H&R lowering springs. The rear H&R springs are reinforced so the drop is level. Very nice drop and I must say as much as I loved the lifted outlander on big tires, I love it slammed on big tires more. The handling is fantastic, it looks fat and chunky on the road.

I just sold the lift kit to a guy in the UK so at least it will live on and make someone else fall in love with their outlander.

If you have any questions on parts or installation, please don't hesitate to ask. I learned everything the hard way. 馃槀

I have attached pictures from stock, to lifted, to lowered. Let me know which you like best?

Regards Niall
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