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To sum up the reason for me contacting Reza was that I blew the head gasket in my motor. After weighing my options I felt my best bet would be to replace my whole motor to hopefully avoid any further issues. I hired Reza from Dyno Tune Racing to remove and replace my current motor with another one that I had bought. I talked this over with a few friends that have done similar replacements and they recommended Reza for the job. As we discussed the job etc he told me he would be able to do it no problem, and seemed over confident that he could have my car back up and running within one day. After hearing that I was concerned he would be rushing the job so I told him as much as I would love my car back ASAP that I want everything done right and there is no need to rush.

He gave me a date to come and pick up my car and when I got there he handed me the keys telling me I was good to go. He remained in the shop working on his car while I started up my car and it almost instantly choked and stalled which was odd. I wasn't sure so I turned it off and tried to restart it but the exact same thing happened again. When I walked to his shop to confront him about the issue I was having he denied that anything was wrong saying " there's no way, I drove it off the hoist and parked it there."

Without even troubleshooting the issue he tells me flat out, " I don't know what your problem is and he did nothing to trying and figure it out so I called my high school friend who is a licensed mechanic and asked him his advice. My friend had a few ideas but needed the car to test shoot the issues.

The next day Reza called me thinking he might know what the issue is so I drive out again and it turns out the issue was that the MFA sensor that Reza had rewired was not connected to the proper wire. It took a few tries but he rewired it and we got the car to start. My biggest fear at this point was that having the wires rewired to the wrong parts could cause internal shorting and damage to other components like the sensor or even shorted the main harness.

The new list of problems included a heavy coolant and oil leak that would leave puddles under my car wherever I parked or stayed still for a few minutes. This confused me as we just put a new engine in the car and I was hoping to alleviate all problems but it seemed to cause more. I asked Reza to hoist the car up so that we could see where the leaks where coming from and go from there. Instead of offering to help or solved these issues he told me it was my fault for buying a junkyard motor. He would take no blame or responsibility for the issues. He stated "You hired me to put your motor in and I did, my job is done". I stood my ground and asked again to hoist it and he told me it would take two days for him to find time to do it so I told him I would wait.

When I didn't hear back from him I asked how things were going to which he said, "I can't work on it now give me another few days." The way I seen it, he swapped the motor got his cash and he was just done with me. It was even more evident based on his delayed messages. I had enough and went the next morning to get my car.

I brought a jug of oil and coolant knowing I would need to top up both and drove my car back to my house being very careful not to add any extra stress to the car. My friend was kind enough to take a look at my car to see if we could find out the issues. To sum it all up, multiple compression tests showed FOUR coolant leaks. ALL in seperate places due to, improper placed hose clamps, chewed up USED hoses and missing hose clamps. The oil leak was from the damaged oil pan and needed to also be replaced. Although I can't claim he damaged the pan as a TUNING and ENGINE specialist he should have brought that to my attention while swapping motors. Upon looking closer at the pan my friend also notice that the rad had been damaged which probably happened due to the motor swap so we had to repair the rad too.

After all this, I messaged Reza and sent him pictures and told him all the issues that we solved.His responses included, "well ****ty junkyard waterpipe. anyways none of that stuff is my fault fyi. again you gave me a motor and paid me to drop it in, that's all. TBH I don't care about what's leaking in your engine anymore, that's all your responsibility. send a message to the place you got the motor from, for any other bullshit you find now. 1f642.png:) "

The fact is there is NO customer service. I own my own business and could not even fathom EVER talking to a paying customer like this. I understand there could have been issues that I didn't know about with the motor but I would have paid for other parts if they needed to be bought new or replaced. A good business owner would let you know to cover their bases and diminish any possible backlash. Niether such things were never brought to my attention. Reza never told me of any issues that he seen while working on my car. Motors are not my area of expertise and I hired Reza after being highly recommended but the only thing I could recommend him for is causing more damage than before.The actual issues that arose were not all part failure but HUMAN ERROR caused by Reza's lack of detail, attention and care. My car went in with ONE issue and left with many which is hilarious because I took it to get fixed... At the end of the day your business is only as good as you are, and your actions speak louder than words.


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