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Hi everyone,

For some time I have been looking for an SUV type car to replace a Renault Scenic 4 which has really disappointed me...
I live outside a city, in the countryside in France. My wife and I are going to adopt a dog, and we have 2 children.
At the beginning of my research, I was looking for conventional models like the Peugeot 2008 or the Opel Crossland X. These are good cars but you see 10 of them in a day! I would like a less common car.
While refining my research I came across the ASX. My budget is not great, 16,000€ (about £14,500). I'm looking for one that runs with petrol (I understand that there is only the 1.6 MIVEC engine). There are a few in France, from 2018. What I like is the simplicity, and of course the low purchase price.
I read on various sites that it's a pretty efficient car but nowadays it's outdated. On the other hand, the few users who have shared a review are very satisfied with it. Could you give me yours? Is it a good car despite the little documentation I can find on the internet?

I hope my purpose is clear.
Thank you very much.
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