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Hi, just finding this out for my sissys car, she owns a lancer coupe 2002 (Ge model? Gli), and is having a problem with her instrument cluster, it has been taken into the auto leccys, and they did nothing i hadn't already done, clean the terminals...but they had another lancer the same with the same problem.

Its not just parts of the cluster that are not working the whole thing shuts down. It is a tacho cluster. My mate and my g/f both own 4door 2000/2001 model lancer and they don't have tacho and they still work...What is the best bet with takling the problem. O.r is does the problem lie elsewhere?


i'm guessing that you did a entire fuse check dash and engine compartment right? you can always buy another cluster from for really cheap. did you check the voltage and continuity on all the wires on the wiring harness to the gauge cluster? what about the grounding wires?

the real question is what happened before the cluster started having this problems?
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