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My 1999 L300 decides from time to time that the water temperature and fuel gauges should not work. When they aren't working, both needles sit at the bottom of the range. They seem to work about half the time and not work about half the time

When I first noticed this, it was because the fuel tank was showing empty when it was around 7/8 full, so I was concerned that it might be the fuel sender unit that needs the fuel tank removed to get to it. The fact that the two gauges both stop working and start working together, makes this unlikely to be the cause

All the other electrical items in the console work (warning lights, rear illumination when side/headlamps turned on) both when the two gauges are working and when they aren't.

The circuit diagram in my Haynes manual is no help in trying to identify anything common between the gauges so I'm hoping that someone on the forum might either have experienced this and fixed it or be able to point me to the best places to look.
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