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Hello, I own an 09 Diesel Outlander with 78,800 miles on the clock. Had the cam belt changed on it last year & since then it's been jumpy when slowing down or in low gear, seems worse in warmer weather. Recently though when on the motorway or a good bit of road where you can put your foot down, when accelerating it is juddering. Sometimes it will eventually boost but other times it has just lost any power & it will limp along even with the acceleration pedal flat to the floor. Stopping & re-starting seems to clear the limp mode but unable to go over 65 mph. No engine management/warning lights show.
Took it to our local garage who plugged it into their diagnostic machine & said 'turbo under boost'. They said maybe a spilt pipe or worst case scenario the turbo, so took it in for further investigation. Came back & said it needed a new turbo as a valve in the turbo was faulty & unable to be repaired.
New turbo apparently fitted & they advised us to drive it steadily for a few days, which we did. All seemed fine until we took it on the motorway & the same thing happened again! Took it back to the garage who plugged it into diagnostic machine again & are now saying it could be the EGR valve, possibly blown by the turbo or blocked. They are currently investigating again!
Just wondered if anyone has had similar problems & what the problem might be?
We find it a bit strange that after having a new turbo we still have the same problem! Did it need a new turbo in the first place, did they actually fit a new turbo & if so would a new turbo cause the EGR valve to blow or block?
Any comments/thoughts or experience of this problem we would be interested to know. Thanks.
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