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Hello, I own an 09 Diesel Outlander with 78,800 miles on the clock. Had the cam belt changed on it last year & since then it's been jumpy when slowing down or in low gear, seems worse in warmer weather. Recently though when on the motorway or a good bit of road where you can put your foot down, when accelerating it is juddering. Sometimes it will eventually boost but other times it has just lost any power & it will limp along even with the acceleration pedal flat to the floor. Stopping & re-starting seems to clear the limp mode but unable to go over 65 mph. No engine management/warning lights show.
Took it to our local garage who plugged it into their diagnostic machine & said 'turbo under boost'. They said maybe a spilt pipe or worst case scenario the turbo, so took it in for further investigation. Came back & said it needed a new turbo as a valve in the turbo was faulty & unable to be repaired.
New turbo apparently fitted & they advised us to drive it steadily for a few days, which we did. All seemed fine until we took it on the motorway & the same thing happened again! Took it back to the garage who plugged it into diagnostic machine again & are now saying it could be the EGR valve, possibly blown by the turbo or blocked. They are currently investigating again!
Just wondered if anyone has had similar problems & what the problem might be?
We find it a bit strange that after having a new turbo we still have the same problem! Did it need a new turbo in the first place, did they actually fit a new turbo & if so would a new turbo cause the EGR valve to blow or block?
Any comments/thoughts or experience of this problem we would be interested to know. Thanks.
Hello sir yes we had a similar issue a couple of weeks ago we bought Mitsubishi outlander in 2018 so the vehicle is below four years old and we have less than 60,000 km we had the first repair because of that you’ve been in the engine last year 2021 and the same happened or in a similar way with the celebration exactly as you describe this year yeah it was early May and we brought that to the emergency unit because we had a break on the by the way with the two kids in the back to the move the car desiderated of smoke and we were brought to the emergency line it was then brought to the garage and advantage of the tubo being broken when discussing with the specialist vet told that it’s got a thing Throwley happen and if they happen they didn’t happen with kind of very much all the vehicles so we were with astonished that this was the case given the relatively use of its gone then we call the guarantee service will be after sale service and we were told that one maintenance which was during Covid was missing which meant that no guarantee that it was below five years so bored again in 2018 could be possible not even a percentage of that abortion Rambus months of the works so the vehicle today is worth €20,000 you have worked for the tubo of around 8000 which brings you to a 12,000 value we are really astonished if not shocked by the lack of follow-up from the commercial service of Mitsubishi and it is interested to hear and to write and read that you have similar issue less than two years ago. We are now seriously considering to escalate the case to the management of the company.
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