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Hi .
looking for a bit of advice on potential issues with an L200 2015 that I have had for. Few months.

background, car well serviced and maintained. 88,000 miles

while driving last week I noticed that the heater started blowing cold air. engine temperature gauge showing in the middle and normal . Never thought too. much about it
I have about it but the following day decided to have. Look . Water level in the radiator a bit low and topped up. noticed the expansion tank looked a bit dark coloured but not oily . Took it for a run again and still no heat internally but engine temperature showing normal . Stopped engine and noticed small regular bubbles from the radiator into the expansion tank. And seemed like quite a bit of pressure in the top hose.
. pressure tested system to 20 psi and no leaks .
suspected head gasket passing from a bore to the water gallery . Ordered up new head gasket set and water pump etc.
stripped down and fitted new pump . Gasket didn’t look great but difficult to actually see any part that had failed but due type of gasket difficult tell.
fully built back up now . Coolant all looking clean now . No bubbles in expansion tank. No excesive pressure hose.

so head gasket now seems to be repaired so now got some heat in the heater but not as much as I would have expected . Also system seems difficult to bleed. Heater matrix seems higher than the radiator filling cap.

has anyone else experienced similar.? Heater hose into the matrix seems a lot warmer than the outlet pipe like it is not flowing though . Tried flushing out and not restrictions in matrix. Also tried temporarily bypassing AGR cooler but still the same

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Bleeding the cooling system can be problematic. At dealers we use a vacuum refiller, which works perfectly everytime if you use it correctly. If you dont use a vacuum refiller you need to fill the cooling system , from empty, very slowly. Do not use a funnel, this just traps air.

When full, you push down on the top hose gently, and bubbles will appear at the filler hole. top up again slowly and keep repeating this until when you push down no more bubbles appear

Do not try to rush this, do it slowly and it works everytime. For me it does anyway.
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