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L200 Indicator/brake Alarm

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Hmmm, my L200 has developed a new & Intermittent fault whereby there is a loud audible alarm from behind the dash when I apply the brake, the hazzards or the left hand indicator (but strangely not the right!). It does it for half an hour or so, then goes away, then a day or two later, it'll be back, same thing. The fact that it's the left hand indicator & the brake would indicate a problem of some sort with the left rear lighting unit, but wanted to know if anyone else had suffered anything similar before I go dismantling stuff!


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might be a faulty relay in the system
of the indicator wiring
is the flasher working ok

what type of warning light comes on the dash if any
it happens when you hit the brakes wierd

dont know,,, this fault has never been posted before

keep us posted ok
1 - 2 of 6 Posts