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Hi all!

We’re currently on our way around Aus, our little van was running great…and then it wasn’t.

After a couple days of driving, we took off one morning and it just wouldn’t go over 80km p/hr, slowed to 20-40kms up hill and by the time we got to the next down. Would barely run.

We had it towed, looked at for a week and a half, fuel filter was fine, petrol was okay.
We had new injectors put in, we drove off stoked. drove it for 2 days then suddenly..bam. We only have 3rd maybe 4th and can’t get it much over 80km again.
This time is holding out there for the time being not getting worse.
Shudders a bit more while driving and at idle. Also only getting about 250km out of a tank.

Just hoping some of you have had similar, I’ve read a few but most head straight to fuel filter.



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