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My car dies when I turn on the air conditioner. When I press the pedal it dies to accelerate specially when I have more people in the car. As soon as I turn the A.C. off it accelerates better (not ideal but better).
I scanned my car with ELM 327 and found different results with and without A.C. in idle status;
Lancer Ex 2008 2.0 CVT

Scan Tool Live Data When A.C. is off:

MAF 2.5 g/s
Intake Manifold 4.8 psi
Vacuum 19.5 in/Hg
Engine Load 26.7 %

Scan Tool Live Data When A.C. is ON:

MAF 4.3 g/s
Intake Manifold 6.7 psi
Vacuum 15.4 in/Hg
Engine Load 40.8 %

Can anyone tell me what is the cause of my car slow acceleration?


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Is it throwing any check engine lights? Maybe a compression issue?
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