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Hi guys!

I have a 88 Galant gls with 1.8 carb engine.Its idle is kind of ****ty and when parklights are on only left side is working but when i switch to fulls all ligths are working.
Does anyone know if the lights circuit is some how connected to the carbs or smthn?because when we pulled out that light relay, the engine started to run nicer.

Ok looking forward of your feedback.


There can be a "short" or "open to ground" in the light switch , its a combination switch , wut is happening is that it is making teh alternator charge exceptionally alot , making the alternator put a large load on teh engine at idle , thus when removing the fuse/relay the power load is dropped. Taht is teh mosyt i could think ofi hope that it heps. This could also be the rerason for the lights being irratic on diffrent settings like parking lamps and headlamp settings.
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