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2000 Magna Executive 3.5L
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Hi all,

I have a 2000 Magna Executive 3.5L auto with 226k on the clock. I have had the car from new.

Couple of years ago I was driving, stopped at the traffic lights, went to accelerate and NOTHING. Engine revved OK but no drive from the transmission. Got a tow truck home and car been sitting in the driveway for the last years.

Time to decide what to do with it. Engine starts OK still but smokes a bit after say 5 minutes idling - probably due to sitting for years?? I put my foot on the brake and now see fluid leaking from hole in a brake line :(.

Now to the auto transmission. I move the gear selector from P,R,N,D.. and get no response, no change in engine revs also. I think a key factor in the problem is that after 15mins engine idling, the transmission oil is still COLD on the dip stick. I'm no expert but surely if the transmission oil was circulating normally there would be some increase in temperature?

Anyone care to suggest the next step in fault finding the transmission?

Thanks for your time
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