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Hi All,
I've just purchased a late 2015 model ASX and was hoping if anyone can help me out.

1. Is it possible to fit front parking sensors? I have searched on Google but I can't seem to get a straight answer. The vehicle seems to may be have "place holder" (see image) for a sensor but I could be wrong.

2. The entertainment system is basic and only iPhone compatible, is it possible to upgrade it? I searched Google and there are entertainment system that are android compatible, would one advise not to do this?
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Thank you in advance.

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Front parking sensors are available. Your Mitsubishi dealer does a kit for them. Or alternatively you can get them from ebay/amazon.

The covers in your photo are for the headlamp washers on your model. But behind the bumper there are templates for the sensor positions that are already marked into the plastic.

That radio unit uses USB or Bluetooth connection for music. It should not matter if it is iphone or Android. Both should work
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