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Looking for any info that may help here.

I have recently bought a 2010 Mitsubishi ASX 1.8 Diesel. The 1st month we had the car, it came with allmost a full tank of fuel. That tank lasted us around 500 miles which was great.
We filled the tank back up when we got to around 1/4 of a tank left and the "distance to empty" gauge said we had 380ish miles. This really confused me but i never really pay much attention to the "distance to empty" figure as this can change all the time dependant on driving style etc. Left it a couple of days and low and behold, it changed, to 500+ miles. We thought this was about right and so was pleased.

Now.... we have covered just over 160 miles and its important to say that the car has not been ragged about. Its been driven the same way as we always do (1st month of owning we got around 500 miles) but for some reason, we have used about 1/3 of a tank in that 160+ miles and the "distance to empty" says 340 miles, which would total 500 miles of range (but this makes no sense because of how much has been used in the 160 miles we've drove). Also, the meter that shows you your current MPG (white bar followed by green bar) seems to struggle to show anything good. 1st month, easily showing green bar and the white bar (and little arrow) was around the 45mpg mark. This month, white bar seems constantly under the 30mpg and we barely see the green bar now.

We cannot figure out why.

The air con isnt on. We dont drive the car hard. We aint carrying heavy loads. nothing.

Anyone any idea why this could be happening?

We traded in our old Audi for this, one of the factors being fuel consumption, but its looking like its even worse which is extremely annoying. Almost half a tank in 160 miles is ridiculous.

Thanks for any help
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