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Hello all,

I am encountering a problem with my Lancer 2005 ES. I recently cleaned the MAF and throttle body due to rough idealing. The idealing has improved and car become much smoother to drive but now every time a start the car, it shakes like hell for initial 1 min. then settles. The RPM goes high to 2K and then comes back to normal. I am unsure of what has happened. I though of buying an OBD scanner as i can see there is an OBD port, but unsure what kind is suitable with my car, just to check if it detects any faults.

so just to summarize.

  • what could have happened to the car.
  • what type OBD tool to use, if any fits Lancer ES 2005 auto.

Any help or suggestion is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot guys, Have a great day ahead.
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