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Hi all!

new to the forum and not exactly sure where to go next. I’m not heavily mechanically minded but I do know the basics here and there.

so as of almost 2 weeks ago my Magna had an alternator that was failing, would still start with no issues but battery light kept flashing. After being replaced it was running ok, however about a few days ago it had started to have misfiring issues and very low rpms (500RPM). When accelerating the car would “stutter” and it lacks the take off this car is notoriously known for and quick frankly it saddens me lol… I have replaced the spark plugs, flushed the oil out and replaced the filter, cleaned the air filter and hoping it was just an easy fix, but still she runs quite rough and sounds like she’s dying. She’s got quite a few kms if that counts, 320,000km

would anyone have any idea what the issue may be? I’ve been told by a mate of mine the possibility of injectors needing a clean but to take it to a mechanic to do so in case I make matters worse, but I would like to seek further advice before I go down that route as I have been given quite the run around a few times when it’s come to this car as it’s “just a magna” “who cares just drive it till it dies and get something else” when quite frankly, they can shove it and she’s a beast in my eyes with a lot of potential lol

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It's not "just a Magna".

It is an AWD VRX Magna, which is a great car.

I own a 2004 TL AWD, and would find it very difficult to find a replacement vehicle as capable and comfortable as it is now.

There is not really any used car sedan with the excellent AWD system in my budget.

Have you disconnected the battery to clear any error codes?

Try disconnecting the Air Flow Meter connector(RED rectangle) to force it to run in "limp" mode.

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(not my car)

Is there any improvement/change by doing this?

Exactly when did the misfire start?

Was it possibly linked to any other work or changes that you have made?

Earlier this year I had to have the less than 4 year old alternator replaced with a new one.

During the time when I was having trouble with this, I was getting a misfire.

Brand new alternator and brand new fully charged battery fixed this.

The Magna is known for misbehaving if battery voltage is low.

Try all of the usual battery "things" like terminal connections/clean terminals etc. as a first step.

This is my tip for the best battery for the Magna:

My first one lasted exactly 4 years.

I paid $179 for the new battery from Autobarn in February.

It is the biggest battery, 640 CCA, that will fit in the original space.

Made in Australia.....not nasty China!

The Century catalogue says this battery will not fit a Magna.

It does.
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