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Hi, I've recently had my clutch replaced and had a lot of problems which the mechanic says are unrelated to the works he carried out.

First of all, I now feel vibration when driving over 60 kph, which I didn't feel before. The mechanic reckons it's due to wheel alignment, I've had that done and the car still vibrates. The vibration seems to come from the engine and feels similar to what it feels like when the car stalls.

Secondly, I was unable to change from 4wd up to the dif lock settings. Worse still, the gear selector was on centre diff lock engaged, and would show as 2wd on the dashboard. When on low range centre diffock, it would register as 4wd. It would not let me move the gear selector down from centre diff lock to 4wd or 2wd. I took it to a different mechanic to get it fixed.

Tonight when driving the orange diff lock light has lit up and started flashing. Does anyone have any ideas?

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