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My 15/Mitsubishi Outlander/ZJ Outlander PHEV AWD Model No ZJBH45 presently at 105659 Km.

In the last 6 weeks this motor car has been jerking (alternately decelerating and accelerating) after about 5 to 10 minutes driving or going uphill. It sometime disappears after about 20 minutes of driving . This morning it became more extreme when the battery was very low "about 4 km" and the petrol motor was supposed to take over.
The car got slower and slower, The accelerator had no effect. In fact it decelerated. Warning lights messages are "RBS System service required" and "EVSystem Service required" The charging motor did not start.After the car is stopped the warning light stays off and and i can restarted. the motor charging the battery and can drive.

I have discus this with Mitsubishi service center" Cairns and Atherton" hum interrogated the car an the last service and they tell me. There is noting wrong with the car.

Some closer investigation:
To prevent the total discharge of the drive Battery I start the "Charge" mode at about 5 km battery energy.If the charge stays about 6 km I can drive until the power indicator reaches the white area going from ECO to POWER about 67 km speed. Then the Energy display shows the motor flashing orange, and there is also a slight power reduction.This will last some minutes then "RBS System service required" and "EVSystem Service required" motor stops completely.
If i can't pull over and park it becomes a dangers exercise.
After i stop and have the car totally turned of, i restart and the motor will charge the battery.

I have two colleges with the same model car. and age. They have the same problem.

The Technical Service Bulletin TSB22-13-001 is talking about:
a. DTC are listed the malfunction in the ECU memory and saved.
b. DTC P0401 and PO404 talk about reprograming the ECU.
c . There is a possibility the EGR valve tube and passages may be clogged.

As there may /Mitsubishi Outlander/ZJ Outlander PHEV AWD in Australia has anybody the same or similar problem and how do i fix it.
Thank you for your input. Hans
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