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All Mitsubishis use a similar system for their service indicators, and the following procedure works on MOST models.

Ign off... Doors shut.... press and hold INFO button (or whatever your model has) until CLEAR is displayed.... Then release and press button again within a second to reset.


I think its a bad design, but MM have a reason for doing it.

This does reset the service indicator perfectly if you drive less than 15000 in 12 months
Not everyone does, so they added an extra reminder program, that only a MUT or reasonable spec Bi-directional scanner can access, to allow you to reset the display to what you want.

This is where it gets silly... It doesnt change the service reminder program setting, it only changes the extra service reminder program. And the vehicle displays whichever of these two programs that is going to expire first.

So if your vehicle has done 13000 km in 13 months, you can reset the indicator using the info button, and new display will
show 28000 and 12 months till next service.

if you do 17000 in 11 months when you use this procedure to reset the indicator, the display will show 32000 and 12 months, But you next service is due at 30000, so that is when you have to reset the extra reminder to show 30000kms.
So the Actual service reminder program will still read 32000 and 12, but the extra reminder program will read 30000 and 12, so the display will show whatever is going to expire first (30000 and 12)

If you have your next service at 30000 exactly then try to reset the indicator to 45000 using the above method, the display will still show the Extra reminder setting, but you have just changed the service reminder setting to 45000.

So in a perfect world you would now Use the scan tool to remove the extra reminder setting and the display will show 45000 and 12....

But this is not a perfect world, so when you try to reset it using the button, and it doesnt work, what would anybody do? They try again. Now the service indicator has been set to 60000 and another 12 months.


Remove the extra reminder, and it will show 60000 and 24, so you now reset the extra reminder again to 45000 and 12.

So basically if you reset your reminder and it doesnt show what it should you need to visit a dealer, or a independent that knows how the system works, as other brand scanners will not have instructions on how to do it.

I own my own high level scan tool which i use to do all what a MUT can except for coding keys and downloading updates, and that has no instructions on how to reset the service indicator. And im sure if i went into a AUDI on my scanner i might struggle to reset their service indicator.
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