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Hi, I am new to this forum and need some advice plz. I have recently bought a Mitsubishi Shogun Field DI-D Auto 06 reg. Been running ok for a month.
This morning when I turned the ignition key ON (not Start) there was a strange continuous loud noise from underneath the battery (I presume its the alernator) and also from the box showing A & B highlighted in the pictures. It sounded like a toy running out of battery. Sorry thats the best way I could describe it. The noise wouldn't stop until I turned the ignition key off. When I try to start the engine it makes the same noise as if the battery is dead and won't start. It can't be the battery as I have got a new battery 3 wks ago.
It also displayed a message on the screen "Unexpected high volatage. System turning off in 7 secs".
I have not tried to start the engine in case it blows up the electrics.
I am not familiar with auto-electrics but can try any basic checks etc if advised.

Any ideas or suggestions plz. Badly need it work on Tuesday.

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