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Hi there,

Thanks for letting me in. I hope somebody can answer my question here.
I'm residing in Colombia and have a Montero mk1 Wagon, 3.0 v6 1994 over here, with a little problemita.

The former owner drove some time with little oil in the gearbox, so I had it 'serviced' at a garage (they put a new seal between the gearbox and the 4x4 cage) No leaks anymore. They also put a new clutch in it.
The pinions / synchromesh rings make some noise now, but for now it's fine. (hope to find a decent gearbox some day)

The problem I have now is this: when I start the car and drive in 2H, it seems like the 4x4 system can't disengage or something, a rattling / grinding sound comes from underneath. When I put it in 4H it drives fine.
The way I drive it now is: start up in 4H, pull up til second gear, put it in neutral and change the 4x4 lever to 2H. Then it drives perfectly fine. However, when I put it in reverse, the problem starts again. And when I turn off the engine and start it up again, the problem comes again too.

I read that the mk2 versions can have some kind of solenoid problem which gives (I think) the same grinding noise.
But in case of the mk1 I can't find any information, and it has a different 4x4 system I suppose. (no super select 4x4)

The mechanics over here do not have a clue. Did anybody experience or know this problem?
Maybe they didn't assemble the gearbox in a proper way?
Or does this car have some kind of solenoid or cylinder in the 4x4 system that can be malfunctioning? Something the mechanics don't know about over here?

I hope to learn something here, thanks in advance!

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