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The Montero Sport I bought a year ago has done great on trails here in Northern Arizona. I scrape some of the skid plates once in a while, but at least the Montero came with a full array of skid plates. The last Jeep Cherokee I owned didn't have a single skid plate, I had to find them at junkyards and bolt them on.

It's a great feeling to see the guys driving the $50,000 custom Jeep Rubicons stare at me on the trails, like they are trying to figure out what I'm driving that goes wherever they can go, especially since my Montero cost me a whopping $900 when I bought it last year. Unlike them, I wouldn't mind much if I got a scratch on my rig. Here are some pics from some of the trails in the Sedona area, Soldiers Pass, Dry Creek and Broken Arrow. This spring I hope to take the Montero to Moab, about 5 hours north of where I live near the Grand Canyon.
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