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Hello lads from across the pond in Ireland.

Just joined the forum after reading it for over a year, so thought I'd share my build so far, helped along by the brilliant people who post here with information on outlanders that you can only have from experience!!

Anyway, its 2009 mk2 2.0 did (vw) engine. 190,000km

Remapped to 190hp (not proven)
Cold air intake for turbo noises.
Tinted front windows to match the stock rears,
Tinted the head and tail lights
Black side indicators
Chrome handles
Chrome mirrors
Steel type Rear tailgate protection
Black Wrapped door trims
Ez flares XL 2 inch wide (2 packets to do 4 arches.
Interior, black crocodile skin wrap on trims. Footwell led lights.
Diamond type, leather flooring with black stitches.
Jap style number plates,
Led bulbs all round.
HID 6000k
Ford ranger amber grill lights
Constantly Illuminated front indicator lights. USA style.
Rear led indicator lights with white leds on the same bulb, wired to reverse, so when in reverse 4 rear reverse lights come on. Very handy.

2 Inch Lift kit(spacers)
Ended up just rebuilding the entire suspension. The spacers are awesome, but you can't just slap in a lift kit onto your old suv and drive away. I learned there's a heap of other things neccassary to make it all work and handle Good.
New trailing arm bushings(worn after 1 year of lift and power upgrades, need to polybush)
All new Control arms front and rear.
New tie rod ends, tie rods.
New wheel bearings all round, heavy duty in the rear.
Full brake caliper system rebuild with new sliders, pistons and seals.
Refurbished ABS module.
New turbo
New engine mounts, with the front and rear mounts filled with polyurethane to handle the extra torque.
Polybushed rear diff mounts.
Rear diff Subframe mount filled with polyurethane also.
New Kyb Ra6227 heavy duty rear coils to eliminate rear sag.
New front springs
4x new bilstein shocks and top mount bearings.
New rear adjustable camber arms.
Front adjustable camber bolts.
New bushings all round.
Adjustable heavy duty droplinks up front. Rear drop links cut and welded 15mm smaller.

16x8, et0 steel wheels with larger 245/70/16 Cooper at3 all terrain tires.
Front wheel Wells trimmed to suits.

Blacked out exterior with a few chrome bits left. Warrior kit on the front. Searching for a rear spoiler, skid plates and side skid protection will have to be fabricated.

As she stands its practically a brand new vehicle, handles beautifully although it took about 8 time to the alignment center. The camber and rear tracking was difficult to perfect as the specs on the computer system don't line up with the new mods, obviously 馃榿 so custom set up more or less. Rear tracking is toed in fully, but id rather a bit more so looking at adjustable track arms on the rear.

I've definitely left stuff out, but shoot me a message if any questions.

for some videos of it.
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