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Hello -
I got the Rockford/Fosgate sound system option with my 2016 Outlander, supposedly with a 750W ampifier, but there is significant distortion at volumes that are far less than what I experienced with my previous car’s after-market 550W Alpine amp. I want to upgrade this Outlander system, but cannot find any technical information on the specific Rockford/Fosgate equipment that was installed or how it is hooked up. Until I get more information, I cannot know what it is that needs to be upgraded.

What specific model is that amp? How many channels is it and what is it driving? Just the sub? The sub and some of the speakers? All the speakers, meaning that the headunit amp is unused?

How are the 750W distributed? ...having just the 750W number is not particularly helpful. How much to the sub, how much to the other speakers?

What specific speaker models are installed?
Thank you for any help!
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