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Hey all,

I've run into some trouble while installing a car alarm system on my 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer MR (mivec). I can't get the doors to lock with the keyless entry of the car alarm.

If anyone know where I can find the electrical wiring diagram / flowchart for the car, I'd be most apprecaitive.

Thanks in advance,


i sound like a broken record in here you can get any wiring diagram directly from the dealership they will make a copy for you out of their books that cost the dealership something crazy like $500. most of the time they will give it to you for free, but if they charge you anything it will be the cost of a copy, like 10 cents or something like that. its as easy as driving to the dealership and asking for the proper wiring diagram. all they do is type in the likely wiring and POOf they get a page number from their computer for the book.
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