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Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I just bought an '04 Galant GTS. I was trying very hard to get away from Mitsubishis. For the last 10+ years I have owned DSMs (92 Laser AWD, 91 Talon AWD, 91 Eclipse GS, etc.). I am selling all of my DSMs and getting out of them for good.

In one way I am glad I am sticking with Mitsus. I can still get the DSM discounts for OEM parts that I am accustom to, which is a bonus. I have Mistu CAPS, which has the GTS listed in it, another bonus. I just have to get use to the fact I no longer have AWD or turbo.

The only thing that I am disappointed in with this car is that it only has a 4 speed trans. I wish it had a 5 speed auto (like the '06 eclipse) as well as the MIVEC. Oh well, still not an overall bad ride and it's not a DSM :) !!!

I know the aftermarket is still a little bleak for the 9G, but I am thinking about making my own mods. Like a custom CAI, exhaust, etc. Just minor things to make the engine breathe a little better.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself.
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