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Bought my 07 xls sun and sound brand new and finally joined this forum so I need to vent the last 12 years of complaints.
Over all I absolutely love the car that is why I still have it and drive it daily. IMHO there is not a better SUV on the market even the new outlanders.
1. Rear window washer (who ever thought it was ok for it to just run out of a hole in the spoiler should be beaten)
2. The Radio won't automatically scroll song info ect (now this may not be the radios fault maybe it is the broadcast station)
3. The stance of the XLS causes weight transfer and I constantly spin the front wheels
4. Why in the world would you make a 4WD vehicle that you have to turn off traction control to use it in heavy snow.
5. plastic shields ALL of them are screws that expensive I have ate 2 inner fender wells and a bunch of other plastic covers over the 12 years I don;t even bother replacing them anymore.
6. Want to change the spark plugs well just take the intake manifold off WHAT!
7. Bluetooth is more like Screwtooth.
8. ONE YEAR ONLY SMART KEY??? $400.00 Shame on you Mitsubishi!
9. Once painted Silver surfaces in ****pit now Black.
10. Clam shell design of center console cover is fragile at best I have broke it 3 times.
11. Seat stand covers Snap off covers and cant be reinstalled.
12. Why oh why weren't fog lights STANDARD on the XLS lame driving lights instead.
13. What did you guys use for clear coat on the paint it is peeling like a bad sunburn on the top and the hood despite regular waxing and being garaged.
14 The Aqua Metallic did not grow on me especially when it is the same color of every minivan in the world!
15. So glad (Sarcasm) you mounted the RCA aux in where they are constantly hit, kicked, and broken by anyone in the back seat.
I mean you have a protected area RIGHT there in the center console JEEZ?

Ok that is enough for now.
I love the crud out of the old girl. 160,000 kind of love! It has lasted 10 years longer than the the woman I was with when I bought it!
Really happy with the performance, the price, the options, the sleek front end, it is a better looking BMW X5 with a better warranty for 15K less!

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1. Common (not just mitsu)
4. I have tried to on purpose to spin tires on my 2004 and it has never happened
5. The only time I had to replace a fender well plastic shield was when someone tore off my rear bumper it was litterally only handing by the mudflaps and wiring.
6. SUPER COMMON with transverse V6 engines, Ford Zephyr etc the rear spark plugs always have to take most if not all of the intake etc off the engine to access them.
7. Not a lot of people are impressed with the factory bluetooth implementation, even my 2012 Frontier SL the factory bluetooth is horrible compared to the after market I put into the 2004 Outlander
8. !?!
9. I'd assume black primer with silver overtop, when auto manufacturerers moved from oil to water based paints the quality of paint suffered on a lot of vehicles.
12. Pretty sure the XLS was supposed to be foglights as standard with a block heater in Canada. Not sure about other regions
13. see parts of 9
14. That is something I don't like about the newer outlandrs in general when they lost the evo style front end 2011+ give or take they all look like minivans to me.
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