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Hey guys, so I recently bought my 05 GS Remix Edition. When I got it it was throwing an p0401 and p0355 codes. The kid I got her from said the exhaust is clogge. My boss told me to check the EGR valve because it has NO power when I step on the gas. I haveto shift through All of the shiftronic gearS to get it up to 40 and I’m lucky to get that. I’ve never had this problem with ANY car. I’ve checked for a vacuum leakand if there is one i can’t find it anywhere. I removed the egr valve and it was disgust8ng. I cleanedit and put it back on but there wasn’t any difference to performance.. I’m at a loss here and I really don’t want to get rid of her, but my wife isn’t going to let me sink too much money into her. Does anyone have any idea what this might be? Or have any of you had this issue and resolved it? I appreciate any input into this dilemma! Please! Help me keep my baby!
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