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I have an outlander 08, 4 cylinder manual wagon. The car runs and goes into gear easily without any effort. BUT when it was booked in for a safety recall (010138 and 010139). which is water could enter between hood and windshield to cause wiper ball to corrode. and water accumulate around breathe hole is drawn into motor as it cools down after use. it didnt go into gear easily any more. it was stiff and rough to drive.

This recall was done at a local mitsubishi motor/dealer. After i got it back the gear was abit hard to put into gear. I thought it was me, so drove around for afew more days. The longer i drove it the harder it is to put into gear. to the point that on a cold start (at the begining of the day to drive to work). for 10 mins it wont go into gear. left the engine on and called RACQ to come and looked at it. by the time the RACQ came it was able to go into gear (aprox 22mins later).

i understand that it got nothing to do with the recall. but i DONT understand WHY it happens the way it did.

All the oil and liquid levels were fine. the services are up to date.

does anyone has or know about this problem???
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