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Hi all - I am tearing whats left of my hair out with my Outlander. It's the 2.0 Diesel (the VW PD unit) - 2007 Elegance DiD. I am having Crankshaft Sensor problems.

When the car is completely cold it will start first turn of the key and perform normally for about 10 minutes. As soon as it gets hot the engine goes into limp mode and the Engine Management light comes on. OBDC shows as "Crankshaft Position Sensor A". When the car cools down (few hours) it will start fine again. If you try to re-start it when hot then it WILL start but you have to crank it about 20 times (and it will be in limp mode).

My mechanic has replaced the Crankshaft Sensor today and it's still exactly the same.

Before we have to go down the gearbox out route to replace the pickup does anyone have any ideas please ?

Thanks in advance.
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