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Good Morning all

I hope someone might be of assistance or might have experienced the issue before,

I have an mitsubishi outlander sport 2013 model with 250000km on the clock, recently i have started experiencing and issue where when i start the car and idle it for about 2 minutes and start driving my RPM will jump between 1500 and 2000 whilst moving, after a while driving around it will balance out automatically to 700RPM.

After an hours driving the rpm will run between 900 and 1100 and when switching of the car and starting it again will go back to 700RPM.

I have taken the vehicle to Diagnostics and the bought my own OB adapter and the error I receive is P0500 which indicates to a faulty speed sensor, be that as it may my speedometer and rev counter is working 100%.

Under my freeze frame i have found a P0400 error which states Closed Loop using O2 sensor.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated

Kind Regards

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