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I have a 2009, Outlander 2.0 DID (VAG engine) Warrior, bought it earlier this year.

Had a problem with rough engine, turned out to be the engine cover rubbing on the loom plug that connects to the fuel temperature sensor. The rubbing had worn through the wire which was then sending mad readings to the ECU. The rubbing is too close to the plug to fix and the wires are now open circuit - so the engine runs good, but I have permanent fault reading on the dash, clear it and it comes straight back....

Can anyone give me the part numbers or equivalents for:

A new plug I can fit to the engine loom for the fuel temperature sensor, and,
The rubber mounts that fit under the engine cover and hold it in place - these are missing hence it is a bit droopy and why it was rubbing the wires.....

Thanks in advance,

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