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Hi fellow pajero owners.

I am proud owner of a 2004 pajero io H77W LNXC ZR, 5FM/T, H77W-5402148 My car was imported from Japan to Peru. My garage was broken into and the thieves stole several important car parts. I'm stuck in the UK under quarentine but I have been trying to get a mechanic and electrician to help me identify what has been stolen.

-I managed to buy an ECU MR122177 from Japan.
-I bought a fuel injector unit MR507766 (which I think corresponds to wiring MR517271)
-And the sensor and flasher relay control unit part MR583211 (I actually bought the whole fuse box)

Now my mechanic is saying i need the connecting wire 'ends/plugs/parts' for these units.

I am having difficulty interpreting the wiring diagrams to know which looms I need to buy.

Can anybody tell me which wiring harness (or loom) the ECU (ECU MR122177) is connected to?

I hope to package all these parts up and send to Peru but the postage is so expensive I want to make sure I have all the parts I can send in one place. Hopefully I can get out there soon to fix up my lovely car. Or is it a write off?

Thank you
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