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I have noticed that when I turn on the AC, the acceleration power decreases a lot. Any idea why this happens?

Also, recently i noticed that i no longer get any Active Stability Control (ASC) display information on my information screen. I saw that warning when i was driving on a wet road but now my vehicle pulls a lot when i cut around bends.
Does anyone know why this has happened? Could it be that i need to get a sensor checked? Please advise.

No check light appears, have just recently scanned to look for error codes, no errors found.
Mileage is currently at 77k. Spark plug (NGK brand iridium single point) was changed at 54k.

Vehicle specs: Lancer 2013 GT, 4b11 engine, 2 litres. non-turbo. 2WD.

Have got the vehicle fully serviced. My engine bay setup is shown in the photo below.
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