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My ‘93 lancer glxi m/t is experiencing hesitation at low speed (10kph) / low rpm (1,000-2,000rpm) / low gear (1st-2nd gear), SPECIALLY when I have just released the clutch after shifting to 1st/2nd gear. I suspect an electrical problem.

I went to Diamond Motors and had my car electronics checked via a diagnostic device they called MUT: no problem found.

I removed sparkplugs 1 by 1 and checked their condition: good, clean burn though sparkplug #3 had more carbon deposit as compared to the other sparkplugs. So I tried replacing the high tension wires: problem solved and car was running flawlessly!

But after a few weeks, hesitation is back.

Btw, the servo kit for electronic fuel injection had already been replaced 5 years ago by Diamond Motors. And Diamond has performed tune-up including replacement of sparkplugs prior to my replacing the high-tension wires. Clutch parts have never been replaced.

Problem persists. Any comments or suggestions?
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